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Many students with physical disabilities find mathematics and science extremely difficult to write. The equations and graphics are too difficult to construct with standard tools. Our products are designed to make mathematics and science teacher's jobs easier but many students with special needs have found that they also provide the assistance they need. This serendipitous result has made the lives of many students much easier.

I wish to thank you for your gift of the programs for J..... It has made a dramatic difference in his ability to do his work. He has become much more independent in doing his homework and it has made doing math in particular much easier for him.

The EmPower Foundation formalises what has been an ad-hoc program for many years and will hopefully make our tools available to more students.

I would like to express my gratitude to your compnay for making it possible for this bright, eleven year old youngster to express his knowledge in Mathematics. It is socially responsible companies such as yours that enable persons with disabilities to become more independent, increase their sense of self-esteem, motivate them to shoot for the stars, and in the end maximize their potential. For all of that, I thank you. It does take a village to raise a child!

M F Prohl Speech-Language Pathologist

Efofex will provide (free of charge) registration codes for all of our products to any student whose disability makes mathematics and science materials difficult to produce. Students are provided with a 10 year, personal use licence that allows them to install the software wherever they need it: at school, at home, wherever - providing it is only the student using the software.

This offer is subject to the following conditions.

  • Efofex is provided with a letter, on school (or equivalent institution) letterhead, that states that the student attends the school and suffers from a disability that makes mathematics and science materials difficult to produce. We do NOT need to know the nature of the disability - we just need the school to certify its existence. Homeschoolers, see note below.
  • Efofex is provided with the name of the student as our registration code system requires a registered name. We require no other identifying information and we warrant that the student's name will ONLY be used for the production of the relevant registration codes.
  • The school has obtained the student's guardian's consent to provide the student's name to Efofex.
  • The school and student agree that the software is provided as a gift to the STUDENT, not the school. The licences are NOT transferable and the school is NOT authorised to utilise the products for any other purpose.
  • Efofex will NOT provide any physical materials. The school and/or student are solely responsible for downloading all relevant materials from our website.
  • While Efofex will attempt to answer any reasonable question, Efofex is not required to offer support for products offered under the EmPower Program.
  • The school and student recognise that our software is primarily designed for a different use. While Efofex will attempt to address any issues that impact on the student's use of the products, we will not make changes to our products that have a negative impact on our usual customers.

You can download a pro-forma letter here. Just fill in the student's name and an email address - put it on school letterhead - sign it, scan it and email to us. We will send you the registration codes within a few days.

Send your scanned letter to info@efofex.com for quickest service.

Approval for Examinations

Most examining bodies will require you to gain permission to use our products (FX Equation in particular) during examinations. Efofex has added an "exam mode" to FX Equation that will greatly assist in obtaining this approval. You can find more information, and a document to provide to examining bodies, here.


We recognise that homeschooling parents will not be able to fully comply with the conditions as listed above - but we ask you to recognise that we cannot send out free software on just a parent's request. We are very willing to be flexible but we do require that a qualified third party certifies the existence of a qualifying special need. We do NOT need (or want) full reports.

We also ask that you honour our definition of a qualifying special need. Many home-schooled children have special needs and their parents/teachers are highly motivated to provide the best possible outcomes (which is totally understandable), but this does not necessarily mean that the child's special need qualifies. Our products are best suited to students who are good mathematicians, but who suffer from a physical disability that makes writing mathematical equations difficult - in particular students who are forced to use a keyboard rather than write by hand. Our products will probably NOT help (and may in fact hinder) a student who is having difficulties with mathematical concepts.

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