Incredibly Powerful Toolkits For Mathematics And Science Teachers

FX Draw Tools & FX Science Tools
The Efofex Mathematics Toolkit

FX Draw Tools - FX Draw draws any mathematical diagram. FX Equation allows you to quickly create mathematical equations. MultiDocs allows you to create mathematical documents that can change themselves.

The Efofex Science Toolkit

FX Science Tools - Type physics equations, type chemical equations, type chemical structures. Produce formatted output with minimal input. High speed, extremely capable.

Have you heard about MultiDocs and want more information? Click here!

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Our latest posts and rants.

Labelled Matrices and MAV

We had a great time at last weeks MAV conference, meeting some long term customers as well as introducing the power of FX Equation, FX Draw and MultiDocs to a new generation of teachers. One of the best things about … Continue reading Read More

Tables, Grids and Matrices

We are pleased to announce the general availability of new table, grids and matrices commands to FX Equation. The features have been in beta testing for nearly 8 months and are now ready for general use. The format for tables, … Continue reading Read More

New MultiDocs Primer (PDF)

MultiDocs is an amazing new technology but there is a lot of new information to take in. Up until now, we have focused on providing that information as short videos – but we know that lots of teachers find it … Continue reading Read More

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