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And Six Other High Productivity Tools For Mathematics And Science

Our New Word Toolbar, Efofex Parameters & MultiDocs

Dynamic Documents

MultiDocs - Turn Word into a Mathematics Document Factory

Our New Word Toolbar provides a cross-platform (Windows & Mac!) tool for adding graphics and equations to Word documents. Combined with our new Efofex Parameters, the toolbar turns Word into a mathematics document factory. The ability to build (or use someone else's) self-modifying documents (MultiDocs) will massively improve your productivity.

Learn how to add the new toolbars and use them to create high-productivity tests, worksheets and examinations here.

FX Draw

Draw Mathematics

Bonus Mathematics Tools

Included in your FX Draw subscription

FX Draw - Our mathematical drawing environment

FX Draw provides a comprehensive drawing environment designed specifically for mathematics teachers. There are specialized tools to draw (and freehand sketch) just about anything (mathematically) imaginable.

Bonus Mathematics Tools

Some of FX Draw's tools are so useful that we offer them as separate programs. FX Equation packages FX Draw's equation editor into a powerful, blazingly fast tool for creating equations. FX Graph and FX Stat package FX Draw's graphing tools into products that are useful to students. All three of these bonus programs are included FREE in your FX Draw subscription.

The Efofex Science Tools

Type physics equations, type chemical equations, type chemical structures. Produce formatted output with minimal input. High speed, extremely capable.

Efofex Bridge

Our latest posts and rants.

MultiDocs/Parameters Grow In Power

The last few months have seen continued frenetic development in our MultiDocs system. The ability to create self-modifying mathematical documents (think one test with multiple versions at the push of a button) is the most powerful and exciting development from … Continue reading Read More

Major New Parameters Command

The latest versions of FX Draw and FX Equation have added an IF command. This represents a major increase in the power of the parameters system and allows authors to create significantly more powerful MultiDocs. An example If command might … Continue reading Read More

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