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Introducing FX Online

FX Online (Beta) takes FX Draw and makes it bigger. Just about any graphic that a mathematics teacher will ever need can be drawn using FX Draw's highly specialized tools but FX Online adds the ability to create a more interactive and informative web experience - and the capabilities of FX Online will only grow. Our aim is to create a fully-featured mathematical publishing system for the web.

FX Draw

Draw Mathematics

Bonus Mathematics Tools

Included in your FX Draw subscription

FX Draw - Our mathematical drawing environment

FX Draw provides a comprehensive drawing environment designed specifically for mathematics teachers. There are specialized tools to draw (and freehand sketch) just about anything (mathematically) imaginable.

Bonus Mathematics Tools

Some of FX Draw's tools are so useful that we offer them as separate programs. FX Equation packages FX Draw's equation editor into a powerful, blazingly fast tool for creating equations. FX Graph and FX Stat package FX Draw's graphing tools into products that are useful to students. All three of these bonus programs are included FREE in your FX Draw subscription.

The Efofex Science Tools

Type physics equations, type chemical equations, type chemical structures. Produce formatted output with minimal input. High speed, extremely capable.

Efofex Bridge

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FX Online Improvements

The FX Online Beta has been out for three weeks and we have just uploaded a version that adds three new features. FX Online is our new, mathematical web publishing system. Add Audio To a Page You can now add … Continue reading Read More

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