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"Your new 3D capabilities make your updated program the best on the market. Congratulations, and thanks from all math teachers everywhere!"
J Moor
Chicago, IL USA
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New Histogram Graphing Option

This feature has been inspired by numerous user requests. We are not entirely sure what name to give this new feature so we have called it “Use Alternative Axes” First some context. There is a need in some school systems … Continue reading

Pick Your Own Subscription Length And More Email Addresses

We have made renewing your subscription more flexible. Now, when ordering or renewing a subscription, you can choose a subscription length from 12 months to 36 months. This allows you to align your resubscription date with your school calendar. You … Continue reading

The Two Piece Puzzle – A New Teacher Resource Project Upload

We have uploaded a new Teacher Resource Project file – The Two Piece Puzzle This activity provides the nets for a two piece 3D jigsaw puzzle. The two pieces fit together to form a tetrahedron but a surprising number of … Continue reading

New Feature – Adjust Line Length and Angle After Creation

This is another Efofex Teacher Resource Project inspired feature. We have added a feature to FX Draw that allows you to adjust a line’s length and angle after creation. You have always been able to adjust a line visually but … Continue reading

Why Is My Text Red? / Why Aren’t My Equations Lining Up?

Question: Why is My Text Red? OR Why Aren’t My Equations Lining Up in Word? Answer: When an FX Equation equation is inserted, it is inserted as a space, then the equation, then another space. The equation between the two … Continue reading

How Do I Get Rid of The X’s That Are Added To My Flood Fills?

Question: Whenever I use the flood fill tool, I get unsightly X’s added to the graphic. How do I get rid of them? Answer: The short answer is that you don’t get rid of them. They are part of FX … Continue reading

How Do We Update Efofex Products?

Question: How Do We Update Efofex Products? Answer: There are two components to this question: checking for updates and installing updates. Checking for Updates Many software packages regularly “phone home” to check for updates. This can either be done by … Continue reading

Using The Connection System with PowerPoint for Word

Question: How Do I Use the Connection System with PowerPoint for Word? Answer: As recently announced on our news feed, PowerPoint has started having trouble using our products as OLE objects (our traditional double-click to edit system). Until Microsoft fixes … Continue reading

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