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"I have to say FX Graph is the most intuitive and flexible graphing tool I have ever used, and I have used many, AND, it's facility through Word makes it indispensable for me. As the Mathematics Evaluation Consultant for my province, such a tool is a tremendous time saver and asset."
P Gosse
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New Way to Set Up FX Graph

FX Graph is extremely flexible and can produce graphs that suit all of the various “standards” that exist around the world. One problem we have had is that users have not always found the right preferences to get what they … Continue reading

Upgraded Unit Circle Tool in FX Draw

Upgraded Unit Circle Tool We have given the unit circle tool a major overhaul with a number of new features that make the tool much more useful for demonstrations and graphic production. 1. The unit circle tool can now interpret … Continue reading

Support Blog Reminder

We want to remind you of our new Support Blog. This is where we post answers to user questions that we believe will benefit other users. For example, the last entry was Can I Attach FX Equation to a Keyboard … Continue reading

PowerPoint Add-In (Windows)

We have released a new PowerPoint Add-In for PowerPoint 2010 and later. The Add-in creates an Efofex tab in your PowerPoint ribbon. This tab provides an easy method to insert Efofex objects into your PowerPoint presentation. The Add-in is available … Continue reading

Can I Attach FX Equation to a Keyboard Shortcut in Microsoft Word for Windows?

Question: Can I Attach FX Equation to a Keyboard Shortcut in Microsoft Word for Windows? Answer: Yes you can. The following instructions are specifically for Word 2013, but the process is similar on earlier versions. 1. Right click on an … Continue reading

Can I Get The Scale On My x Axis to Show Degrees?

Question: Can I Get The Scale On My x Axis to Show Degrees? Answer: Yes you can. In the CURRENT (as at May 1, 2014) versions of our products you need to do this… 1. Select Degrees as the Angle … Continue reading

Why Can’t I Get My Groups to Start at 150?

Question: I am trying to get the histogram groups to start at 150 but FX Stat seems to be ignoring me. I am using the new “Groups Start At” option. Answer: As you noted, the “Groups Start At” option is … Continue reading

Starting a Histogram at 0

Question: I was hoping you could tell me how to begin a histogram at 0. When I do a histogram the first bar starts before 0. I can change the width but can’t seem to change where the histogram begins. … Continue reading

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