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"I am impressed. Sign me up for the new program when it is released. I am particularly happy with the electron arrangement configurations. It all looks very impressive."
V Bowen
FX ChemStruct Beta Tester
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Windows 8.1 Problems

A recent change in Windows 8.1 is causing us some trouble. At this point in time, we have no information as to what has changed but it is causing random crashes in the graphing tool (FX Draw and FX Graph). … Continue reading

FX Draw for the Mac

We presented a session focussing on FX Draw on the Mac and the MAWA conference on the weekend and it was the first time we have received considered feedback from teachers who have been USING FX Draw for the Mac. … Continue reading

New Logic Symbols for FX Equation

We have added the ability to create logic statements into FX Equation. FX Draw will include them in the next release. All of the logic commands are preceded by _. We have added another page to the equation options which … Continue reading

Setting Initial Preferences in FX Draw and FX Equation

FX Draw and FX Equation have both been upgraded to offer you the same Initial Preferences Selection interview we recently added to FX Graph. The interviews allow you to quickly set up FX Draw and FX Equation to produce graphics … Continue reading

Can I Attach FX Equation to a Keyboard Shortcut in Microsoft Word for Windows?

Question: Can I Attach FX Equation to a Keyboard Shortcut in Microsoft Word for Windows? Answer: Yes you can. The following instructions are specifically for Word 2013, but the process is similar on earlier versions. 1. Right click on an … Continue reading

Can I Get The Scale On My x Axis to Show Degrees?

Question: Can I Get The Scale On My x Axis to Show Degrees? Answer: Yes you can. In the CURRENT (as at May 1, 2014) versions of our products you need to do this… 1. Select Degrees as the Angle … Continue reading

Why Can’t I Get My Groups to Start at 150?

Question: I am trying to get the histogram groups to start at 150 but FX Stat seems to be ignoring me. I am using the new “Groups Start At” option. Answer: As you noted, the “Groups Start At” option is … Continue reading

Starting a Histogram at 0

Question: I was hoping you could tell me how to begin a histogram at 0. When I do a histogram the first bar starts before 0. I can change the width but can’t seem to change where the histogram begins. … Continue reading

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