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Email Tutorials

Our email tutorials are an exciting new way to learn to use our products. As time goes on, we will add new series so check back often or sign up for our email newsletter

To request a tutorial series, just click on the series you wish to try. Enter your email address and push Submit. Our system will start sending you emails - one per day - until the series is complete. Each email lesson will take between 1 and 5 minutes of your time and the lessons follow the same structure as our face-to-face training sessions. It is a quick and unimposing way to learn about our products.

You can either Register for a lesson set - so that the lessons arrive daily - or Download the full lesson set at once. We strongly recommend that you Register rather than Download. The Download just becomes another big job that never gets done. Why not let our servers "drip-feed" you the information instead?

Lesson Sets

Email TutorialsRegisterDownload
YesIntroduction to FX Draw (29 Lessons). This is a highly recommended lesson set that will get you over the initial lump of the learning curve.YesYes
YesAdvanced FX Draw Concepts (12 Lessons)YesYes
YesIntroduction to Efofex Equations (FX Equation/FX Draw/FX Graph/FX Stat) (19 Lessons)YesYes
YesIntroduction to Efofex Function Graphing (FX Graph/FX Draw) (27 Lessons)YesYes
YesIntroduction to Efofex Statistics (FX Stat/FX Draw) (19 Lessons)YesYes

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